Nov 10, 2019

Life’s ups and downs.

I don’t know what’s been going on with me lately.


I’m not sure if it’s the stress of work that’s caught up with me or the ennui that arrives as we get close to the end of October baseball season ends and we enter inter the fuck tunnel of Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas (Hanakuh/Kwaanza take your pick), New Year. Honestly if I could go to sleep on October 30th and wake up like a bear hibernating on January 2nd that would be fine in my book.


The truth of the matter is I don’t like shorter days or cold weather AT ALL.

Anyway, there’s that.

I’ve got a medical test coming up this week which I’m not looking forward to. I always imagine it as a submarine... up periscope. UUUggghgghhhhh.

On the bright side, I’m working from home tomorrow which is good.

The last couple of weeks have been interesting? They finally replaced our PM and what’s perfect about it is that the idiot Account Director actually spent time putting together a presentation announcing the person. No shit, a nine page presentation.

I guess it must be a wonderful thing to have lots of time on your hands because if this broadcast anything to everyone else it was what a shitty manager this woman is. In the meantime, her other two hires who are on sites have struggled mightily over the last few weeks picking up any slack that our PM carried. Instead I’ve been left to my own devices (which I actually don’t mind) and I deal directly with one of the onsites to get things done. It’s easier in some ways.

There are still the normal explosions by both my peer who apparently had a meltdown as recently as Thursday after I left for the day (I made a hasty retreat with the sense something would happen if not for any reason other than some folks were in a meeting for a few hours and no doubt would come out and realize there was work to do). And of course there is another person with the same temperament of my peer who sent me a carping text complaining about something to me and then telling me that she didn't give a ‘Fiddler’s Fuck’ about who worked on the damn thing (hint, not me).

Yeah, it’s just more joy than a person could want on a daily basis.

Last week I worked from home Friday so I could get myself checked out for the chest pains I’ve been having lately.

Seriously, that much fun.

Now on the heels of my stomach acting up back in August, I’m pretty close to just walking out as it is but after the text I pointedly showed it to my boss and made it clear I was tired of this and the next step was to go to HR.

Here’s the funny thing... you take one or two people out of the situation and it runs fairly smoothly. It has it’s moments but there are people and personalities making it much more difficult than it needs to be. After two years I’m simply tired of it and the lovely fact of the matter is that the people in charge don’t want to move me off the account because ‘I’m so good.’ Yet, I don’t get paid for being a punching bag, so we’ll have to see what next steps are but I can tell you my days of being tolerant or nice about it are at an end.

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